Paul D. Portell, AIA

Paul D. Portell, AIA
Principal Architect

Portell Architecture is led by Paul D. Portell, AIA, a residential and commercial architect with over twenty years of experience in the New York area. Prior to founding Portell Architecture PLLC, Paul led teams of architects and designers at several other top award winning architectural firms.

Paul D. Portell, AIA is a registered architect in New York State, New Jersey, and Connecticut. He is a member of the National and New York City chapters of the American Institute of Architects, and is certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.


Architectural Philosophy

Architecture is the combination of the spaces we inhabit, and the sensations evoked by experiencing those physical and perceived elements. Architecture has to fulfill the needs of its inhabitants, while being more than just a "machine for living". The built environment, whether a bookcase or a building, must serve its desired purpose, as well as be an artwork unto itself. Similar to the experience of an appreciated painting, glass of wine, or a walk in a field, Architecture must possess the ability to evoke emotions.

Design Philosophy

Portell Architecture specializes in projects that allow the client, architect, and builder to form relationships that grow with the project, and enable a collaborative design approach actively involving the client during all stages of design and construction. This approach leads to a built form that speaks of the desires and uses of the owner, focused by an interactive dialogue. Typical projects require an interested client, not just in the built form, but in the process that creates it. Portell Architecture seeks to optimize spaces by doubling and tripling their uses, and by creating transparencies between functions. We enable spaces to be defined, implied, and overlapped.